The Financial Markets are a Scam!

The Financial Markets are a Scam!


It’s already widely known that the Rothschilds (and their chronies, including Morgans, Rockefellers, etc), along with the Crown, the Vatican, and the Sicilian Mafia, are in control of the Earth’s natural and human resources, the media, education,  most every government, and the creation of money out of nothing.

They control the population of the planet through the manipulation of people’s fears and hopes.

Well, they also control the markets in the exact same manner, and extract mindbogglingly large amounts of money from the economy by doing so!

One of their greatest tricks, which we traders now take for granted, but fail to understand, was to allow themselves to go short on stocks and commodities they didn’t even own.


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Simply through the creation of money out of nothing (the greatest scam ever played on us! Watch this later

), the cartel control the prices of everything on the charts.

They can literally sell what isn’t theirs, and buy it back at pennies on the Pound! It’s the post Waterloo selloff happening over and over again, whenever the cartel feels like it.


Internet Trading has now become a fantastic extension to their wealth.  It’s like a new lottery, where instead of people buying tickets for a dollar or two, they’re putting their life savings into the game, and losing.

The cartel has been busy on the internet, creating wonderful propaganda about the markets, teaching retail traders exactly where to do their buying and selling, using all kinds of indicators and systems. They even make these systems work from time to time, so the hoi polloi will continue to use them. This offers up to the cartel, massive amounts of retail orders, exactly where they want them. All they need to do is make it look like the system is working, to get the majority of retailers to buy or sell just before the best price in the zone, then push price a little further, so they can take all the retail stops.

If what I’ve read is true, it seems that in February of 2016, the New York Stock Exchange will lead the way in the abolition of the stop-loss order, forcing retailers to either close their orders manually, hedge, or potentially suffer massive drawdown on their positions. If you thought your pension fund was in trouble by now, you’ll probably not need to consider it any longer, as it’ll be all gone soon!

My best advice to anybody who believes in their government, media, education, gods, etc:

Never try to become a trader!

You are the sheep who continually walk that path right into the predator’s den.

If you are Awake, aware of the scam, and able to understand the manipulation of hope and fear, you may just be able to steal a few sheep from the den yourself.

But do you really want to live off the misery of others?


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